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About Designs Dell'Ario

Designs Dell’Ario Interiors is located in a coastal community on the vibrant San Francisco Peninsula. We work with a range of residential and  commercial clients as well as contractor builders, helping to develop a central design concept which meets all aspects of the process: aesthetic, drawing, building codes and permitting, as well as budgetary considerations. We can help articulate your style, tastes and needs to develop a concept and from there, create a master plan and assist in specifying materials, arranging contractors, managing timing, delivery and installation. Whether you are making small changes or going for a complete overhaul, we will help you find a look that feels like home.

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Award winning Interior Designer Win Dell’Ario merges sophisticated design sensibilities with West Coast lifestyles. Because her designs work so well with people’s lives, Win has many long standing relationships with clients. Win does a lot more than the outer design for many of her projects: “I often consider lighting, acoustics and building codes when creating a new design.” Some of these details are more hidden than others but all are important. “It does no good to create a fabulous design that doesn’t meet modern building code standards. And although many people don’t even consider lighting, I think it’s one of the most important aspects of creating a mood.”

Win has an eclectic background that helps her understand all kinds of clients. She earned her B.S. from Iowa State University and her Masters in Nutritional Sciences from U.C. Berkeley before going on to train as a designer and hanging out her own shingle in 1989. In her spare time she creates exquisite textile wall hangings.

Designs Dell'Ario Awards

Award winning designs in 2015 included National Kitchen and Bath Association awards in the Medium Kitchen and Large Kitchen Categories for the Moss Beach and Sunshine Coast kitchen designs.

In 2014 we were pleased to accept the Gold and Bronze Award from the Americian Society of Interior Designers.

For the Commercial Hospitality Category we recieved the Gold Award for the relocation of Flavor on the Coast. Our renovation of Favor won the Commercial Hospitality Gold Award in 20011.

For the Contemporary Kitchen Category, we received the Bronze Award for the kitchen of an empty-nesters’ Los Altos Home.

In 2011 we were pleased to accept the Gold Award in three categories:

For the Singular Space Category, the Outdoor Family Room in Los Altos Hills.  For the Commercial Hospitality category, Flavor Restaurant in El Granada. For the Specialty, the Outdoor Shower design in Los Altos Hills.

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