Sadly, my house burned down so we had an involuntary building project. We had hired an architect and he figured I would need a lot of help with details, choosing fixtures, paint and flooring. He gave me Win’s name and she saved my life. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Win really understood my taste and so instead of having to look at 300 tiles I would look at 5, same with paint colors, trim and molding. She worked with me through the whole project. It took almost 2 years. And then when it was built she helped with furniture. She did everything. She’s knowledgeable in all phases of decorating. She worked very closely with the architect and when he couldn’t find room for a laundry she found a way to work it in.


Win helped me with every room in the house except the bedrooms. We recently got a chair for the living room and it came with a cracked bottom. The company wanted to repair it by screwing it together and she said, “No that’s not good enough,” and she got them to replace the chair. She’s really good about following up and making sure everything’s perfect.

Several years ago Win found a dining room table and chairs and got fabric to match the seats. The fabric goes with everything in my house so wherever I move it, the chair looks fabulous. This is the first dining room table I’ve had that still looks great after four years.

I have a 1934 small San Francisco house and we redid the bath with black and white tile and subway tile and she picked out the counter, the medicine cabinet and the knobs and it’s this little jewel. I couldn’t be happier. It’s 7×5 and it’s a wonder.

She does beautiful work and follows through. She brings wonderful people in to do the work. They do really good work, they’re careful, they clean up after themselves and they don’t overcharge. I can’t say enough good things about her.


Win has done a lot of different things for us both in our businesses and our home. We always rely on her for color consulting both exterior and interior for our businesses and our home.

In a commercial remodel recently she helped with tile choices and furnishings. We always have her review the contract furniture and, though we’re limited in our choices, she helps us find something that’s consistent with the design style we’ve chosen. She’s helped us buy new furniture and worked existing furniture into our design plans.

I recommend Win to people all the time.


Win has an uncanny ability to identify your preferences, favorite colors, and sentimental items; then somehow magically, it all comes together in a clever and charming design.

Win created the design for my whole house including my master bedroom, living room, and dining room. The project incorporated family heirlooms, used my favorite color in the carpet, and added beautiful new furniture pieces that pulled it all together. I am always happy when I come home to all my favorites!

I now use Win’s consulting services for new projects and/or when I get stuck and can’t make a decision — the latest project being a small gallery of paintings in my living room stairwell. She helped select the paintings that will work together and arranged them to their best advantage.

Win also helped my sister with window and chair fabric, wall color, and furniture arrangement for her living room and dining room. Recently she consulted on her kitchen remodel. This project added a gorgeous hardwood floor that worked with existing cabinetry, new appliances, and a beautiful new granite countertop. My sister and her family are thrilled.


Win helped us with a bedroom and bath and did a facelift in the kitchen and family room.We went from standard sofa and chairs to four movable chairs with a kind of country French theme. She took out a desk area and put in a big pine freestanding unit which gave me so much more storage. I’m thrilled.

Win found great wall paper for the powder room that’s a little like a botanic illustration and it’s just beautiful. It’s been almost two years and I still very pleased with how it turned out.

Win is easy to work with and listens to her client to get a lot of input. She will use any furniture you want to keep and incorporates it into her design-finding a way to make it work with the new furnishings. She really knows what we like and brings us samples to choose from that match our taste. I’d definitely recommend her.

Ruben and Dariann

In 2003, we moved from our home in San Carlos where we had lived for more than 15 years to Calistoga. We had purchased a 1983 craftsman-style house.

Win came to spend the night with us to evaluate the first draft floor plan of our proposed remodel. Since we both like to cook, our first priority was to improve the kitchen area which was very small with minimal storage. Win made us both feel very comfortable as she listened to our concerns and she was also very observant of our artistic tastes.

Later that day, she made the recommendation that we move our kitchen location to the living room! Being a retired engineer, I thought the idea was far-fetched and not practical because of roadblocks such as cost as well as plumbing and electrical issues.

Win did her design homework and laid out the cabinetry to scale on her notepad complete with sinks, oven, and cook-top the next morning.

After contractor review with Win present, the project was “a go” and our remodel began.

Looking back on the project, we marvel at the pleasure our kitchen and great room have given us. Had it not been for Win’s vision, we would have settled for the speedier plan of just making over our old kitchen by making it a little better but still inadequate for our needs.

It was a real pleasure to work with Win.

Helene and Kurt

We’ve used Win numerous times over the years. Overall she has been really successful at figuring out what we’re about and what we like.

She has done everything from suggesting furniture layout to advising us on buying decisions to shopping for and with us, coming up with paint colors, advising us on window treatments and creating custom designs. She designed a bedspread and rug, and made a custom chair and window coverings. She even helped us arrange our tchotchkes in the living room.

We both felt decoratively challenged and with Win’s help we’ve come to realize that we have a lot of good instincts and that we can trust our own design sense. She really helped validate that we have kind of contemporary eclectic tastes and that’s great.

Kate and Rab

We came to Win with our house plans and her design ideas saved us money and helped us develop a unified theme for the home. There are so many choices out there it’s overwhelming.

She rescued our kitchen from the doldrums and suggested eliminating a second bathroom door that would have left us with no space for a towel rack. She also suggested a door to the outside to from the utility room. Every time we bring out the trash we thank Win for suggesting we add that door on the side of the house. Otherwise we’d be trekking the whole length of the house (with all its stairs) lugging recyclables.

Lisa and Mark

One of the great services Win provides is narrowing down the choices
Win did a complete remodel of the downstairs which included a family room, office, wine cellar, guest room, laundry room and guest bath. It’s a very a open space and had to look good all the time. She selected tile, interior furnishings, the color palette for the rooms, and found a great do-it-all person to work for us. We were very pleased with the way it turned out.

We hired her back to redo the upstairs which has more of the common areas of the house: kitchen, dining room and living room. We wanted the living room to feel more intimate and personal to us. My husband said it felt like a reception area -it was too big.

She found a beautiful screen to divide the room and painted that part of the room a different color to help delineate a separate space. We hung art and had the stairwell off the one area and then she redesigned the fireplace. She incorporated a large piece of natural cut redwood. It’s a chunky thick piece of wood and she left it partly rough as a way to bring the exterior in. She chose the finishes, the mantle, marble, plaster and color palette making it warm and friendly and matching our tastes with contemporary style.

Most recently she did the interior design of the entire master bedroom/bathroom suite, a full addition onto our home. It represents more of the European contemporary aesthetic. Everyone I’ve brought through says it’s more beautiful than what they’ve seen in any magazine. Win helped us stay consistent in our choice of materials: teak, slate, concrete, a natural palette that gives it a soothing, quiet feel.

One of the great services Win provides is narrowing down the choices. There might be thousands of materials out there. She would pick the ones with the quality and style we were interested in, and she’d bring maybe 25 to look at.